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  IFSEA Award Nomination Forms

IFSEA Awards Nomination Forms

International Awards recognize members who have made significant contribution(s) for the success of International and Branch programs and objectives. Awards are presented once a year at the Annual International Conference.  

The first step of the International Awards ladder is Certificate of Merit. Every Branch usually has two or three Board members who qualify for this award. You can never do enough for Board members who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.  

Many Branch leaders also get involved at the International level. A Branch can also nominate their members for the Distinguished Service Citation and higher awards. These are all based on outstanding activity and involvement at the International level.

So whip up nominations to honor the "cream of the crop" of your Branch. They have all received recognition at the Branch level more than once. Take it one step higher.

**click on the award for the Nomination Form, Criteria, Instructions and Deadlines

Dignified Order of the Dinner Gong (DODG)

Peter Gust Economu

Food Service Industry Award of Excellence

Distinguished Service Citation

Certificate of Merit

Chairman of the Board's Award

International Life Membership

Founder’s Award

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INSTRUCTIONS - Print the Word Document of Instructions
- The Branch Executive Committee is the nomination committee for International Awards.

- Review criteria for each award

- Analyze your membership and choose at least two or three members who qualify for the various awards.  You do not need to submit for each award.

- Copy the application(s) provided. Take all the required information and compile them into an attractive, organized booklet.

- Type or clearly print applications and narratives.

- Find non-elected members to write well-written letters of recommendation as required.

- Set timely deadlines. It is too stressful to try to put nominations together one week before the conference. Your nominations reflect the time you spent.

- Make copies of each award. Accidents do happen, so be prepared with a back-up.

- Check deadlines for each award nomination and application.

- Branch President submits all nominations and applications unless otherwise stated for each award.  If nomination is for Branch President, it is to be submitted by the Branch’s immediate Past President, President-Elect / Vice-President or a Board Member.

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