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  Cookbook for Success - Condensed Review
  Cookbook For Success - Chapter 1
  IFSEA Cookbook For Success - Chapter 2
  IFSEA Cookbook For Success - Chapter 3

The IFSEA Leader's Cookbook for Success

If you're a Branch President and you don't know what to do; or
If you'd like to make your good branch a better branch,
Then you've come to the right place.

" Wow!  Thank you so much. The Cookbook for success is the greatest thing in the world! I am so amazed! I actually wish I would have had this at the beginning of the year when I became president. This is everything I have been looking for all year long. It will really benefit our members and myself."

Amber Wixson, President, Northwood University Branch, Feb. 2002

Snapshots of the Cookbook
IFSEA's Cookbook for Success was compiled by the Presidents of our most successful branches. They believe that if a Branch will follow this "how to" guide, it will be positioned to be "the association of choice for the new millennium." 

The Cookbook was split into chapters to make electronic distribution easier for you. There is a TON of material here, a total of 190 pages. Most material is the same as is in the hard copy - but updated. Hard copy of the Cookbook is no longer available from HQ!

Branches which follow these guidelines are eligible to become "5-Star Empowered" branches.  
Click here for an application!

These pages use Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You must download this to your computer to read the files. It's the world's most downloaded program - easy. Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE download 

Tips For Viewing The Cookbook
It opens in Adobe Acrobat.  At top note on toolbar 1st button is to print, 2nd button is to make the document full-size, click on the third button to show you an index - then click on the index topic to go to that page. To see the Cookbook On-Line Click on the Chapter Headings.

Chapter 1
Overview of Cookbook
Member Involvement
Recruiting & Retention Tools/Letters
Board Meetings
Branch Budgets
Dues Amounts & Notice
Focus 2000 Strategy
Int'l Board Support
IFSEA Logo Explained
IFSEA Supplies Order Form

Chapter 2 
International Programs
Hunger Project
Member Benefits
Military Support
Shared Resources
Student Support
Worthy Goal Scholarships

Chapter 3 
Awards - Branch & Int'l
Committees - Branch & Int'l
Branch Position Descriptions
Succession Planning


What is the IFSEA Conference?

For three days, professionals and students within the food service/hospitality profession meet to expand their network and knowledge of the industry. We invite you to be part of providing this opportunity to Hospitality and Culinary Students from across the nation to have a chance to interact, learn and get inspired. Attendees will learn from the best and brightest from a broad cross-section of the industry, earn continuing education units, network with industry leaders and peers and relax at social events. The 8th Annual Culinary Challenge will showcase the student’s skills, creativity and teamwork in a 90-minute mystery ingredient competition with a chance to win the coveted trophy bowl.

Why Get Involved?

Without generous supporters like you, IFSEA could not provide quality education and networking programs. Money raised directly benefits IFSEA members, industry professionals, and students in food service/hospitality through conference activities and educational opportunities.

IFSEA Sponsorship Application

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